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Prylukymisksvitlo Utility Network for Outdoor Lighting Electric Networks


lights installed

A large scale project was undertaken to modernize the street lighting of the city of Pryluky in the Chernihiv region of Ukraine in 2019-2020.

The effort was focused on improving the energy efficiency of public sector facilities (educational institutions) and the city’s outdoor lighting system. The project implemented 1,541 RadiyLED luminaries that were installed on more than 30 streets of various categories as part of the framework of the NEFCO project.
Full compliance with State building codes were met, creating safe conditions for traffic and movement of city residents. The installed AmbeRay housings are functional, with high protective properties against external damage. The luminaires are completely protected from the ingress of precipitation and dust, and each structural element is made of high quality materials with convenient installation options. These elements help to minimize the maintenance costs of the installed lighting.
The energy-efficient AmbeRay luminaires are equipped with a polycarbonate protective cap made in the form of a Fresnel lens. This ensures an even distribution of light on the road and walkway surfaces. Installed lighting demodulators allowed city operations to efficiently utilize the newly installed LED lighting and achieve maximum energy savings by adjusting on-off cycles and dimming, as needed.