Agricultural Lighting Controls (LCS-1)

RadiyLED's LCS-1 system is simple to install and maintain, reliable in operation, and also has a number of advantages. It is possible to control lighting from an external analog signal in automatic mode 0... 10 V in increments of 0.1%. Control of lighting in manual mode is done using the buttons on the cabinet control panel in increments of 0.01% (minimum lighting from 0.4 Lk). Custom control over luminaire groups is possible including overall alignment of the product surface illumination. It is possible to control several LCS-1 from the same control panel. The system can be connected to other systems in a local area network for centralized monitoring or control of up to 64 separate production sites.

Street Lighting Controls (LCS-2)

Our street lighting system is capable of controlling 512 luminaires (one system) using ZigBee protocol, providing high-cost savings. The unique control system is represented by the lighting control cabinet - LCC-5. The company guarantees an individual approach to designing a street lighting control system for each customer. Upper-level software of LCS allows to energize/de-energize street lighting under a schedule at any time during the year, and also provides monitoring of luminaires in real-time. This makes it possible to take quick actions for troubleshooting; energize/de-energize certain lighting areas in manual or automatic modes (according to schedule).