Leading the way in advanced,
innovative, and robust LED solutions
for new and retrofit applications.


RadiyLED’s product lines covers industrial and commercial applications. A combination of high quality and reliability is built-in from day one through design, manufacturing solutions, and extensive testing.

RadiyLED is a subsidiary of Radiy, a global leader in design, manufacturing and supply of certified instrumentation and control systems for safety-critical applications with over 60 years of technological excellence.

Design Capabilities

Manufacturing Capabilities

Volume capacity

  • 120,000/yr unit production capacity in single shift operation
  • Production doubling possible with 2nd shift addition


  • Automated assembly of elements
  • Automated screen-printing technologies
  • Automated component installation
  • Advanced convection reflow soldering oven technologies
  • Automated production of cable and wire products
  • Conveyor assembly and testing


  • Over 100 employees dedicated to manufacturing, testing, and quality control

Design & Manufacturing Standards

  • North American Standards UL1598, UL844, UL8750 (pending)
  • British and European lighting standards for street lighting, electromagnetic compatibility, and control systems among others
  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • Quality standards for mass production of explosion-proof LED luminaires
  • In-process manufacturing quality control and inspections
  • X-ray microme and fluorescence analyzer inspection processes
  • In-house seismic and environmental qualification technologies