Optibay luminaires have a lightweight design, combined with quality and high reliability. The Optibay series of luminaires capable of operating at high ambient temperatures up to 70 degrees Celsius. The optics allow Optibay to be used as a floodlight luminaire. The luminaire is stable for operation in a wet and chemically aggressive environment. A wide range of brackets and adapters allows you to install the luminaire at any height in the desired position. Optibay lights can be customized according to specific customer requirements.

Optibay ST and SV

Luminaires with SV marking are operated at temperatures from -40 to +50 degrees Celsius. Luminaires marked ST can operate at temperatures up to + 70 degrees Celsius.


Designed for livestock facilities, trading areas, warehouses, industrial premises, educational and medical institutions, VectoRay luminaires are produced with a power of 15 to 66 watts. The VectoRay housing is made of impact-proof polycarbonate resistant to ultraviolet radiation. The lighting fixtures are enabled for volt control system and various lighting control systems, as well as a group power supply.