Street Lighting-w

The largest exhibition building in Ukraine and premiere exhibition venue. Home of 2017 Eurovision.


lights installed

Remodeling of the International Exhibition Center in Kyiv, Ukraine was completed in 2019. It is the largest exhibition center in the Ukraine. RadiyLED delivered 570 AmbeRay LED luminaires for street and pavilion lighting of the entire complex.

The total number of luminaires could be decreased from the originally installed facility lighting due to the high energy-efficiency and even lighting distribution provided by the AmbeRay LED luminaires. Event exhibition pavilion illumination of 400-500Lux in combination with customized color temperature selections helped to shape the mood of visitors and creates a comfortable interior environment for all events.
Facility operations was able to adjust the lighting schedule to save additional electricity and enhance the lighting options for the exhibition pavilions thanks to the AmbeRay LED's unique demodulator design.